Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Curriculum Vitae, My Websites, May 2015

My Curriculum Vitae: 

My blog where I reflect upon teaching and learning practices in the WL classroom utilizing technology tools:

My company website where alongside my colleague, Jennifer Williams, I aim to promote best practices: 
The interconnected relationships between Learning Space Design, Digital Learning Spaces, and Global Collaboration form a nexus of practice that brings the world to students and students to the world. Through our website, we hope to offer research-based information and tools exposing teachers to new technologies for connection, creation, and productivity to help them connect powerfully and internationally. 

Our Edcamp that we are hosting in October 2015:
Edcamp is similar to a conference or summit, but it is free, democratic, participant-driven professional development for teachers. 

Student Work at a Glance:

Fran Siracusa on Delicious

Fran Siracusa on Pinterest

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