Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Facilitation of student learning and creativity in the Spanish classroom

--"Farewell to Seniors" Auras activity with the Aurasma app (accuracy in switching between three tenses plus formal command form) - Students wrote 3 sentences about their assigned "senior," and then offered him/her a piece of advice using Formal Commands. May 2014
     Step 1:  Create Aurasma overlay
      Step 2: Shoot film to use as "aura."
       Step 3: "Follow" the student on Aurasma by entering the student's name.
      Step 4: Scan the trigger image overlay, and watch the item turn into a video.
     Step 5: Share with friends, and help them find your aura!


--"Top Chef" Recipe Project with the iMovie app (using Formal Commands) April 2014

--"DalĂ­ inspired Surrealist Art" digital paintings and museum labels with the Brushes and Pages apps (Spanish history, geography, art and culture) May 2014

--Celebration of Learning 2014, Middle School Spanish course students showcase their work.

--Padlet activity (Future Tense practice) - completed and shared in one class period April 2014
      -8th grade

-7th grade

--Spain or Largo Trip Summary (written & oral communication, using the preterite tense) April 2014

 --Global Happiness Project (written, oral and visual presentation, using the GarageBand, iMovie, Keynote, Haiku Deck, Skype and Google Docs apps)     January-May 2014
Watch video at this link:


--"Washington, DC Monument Docent"  (preterite tense)  November 2013

--"When I was a Child" (imperfect tense)  April 2013

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