Monday, May 27, 2013

Celebration of Learning

May 2014 

There is a tradition that during the first week of May, a night is chosen to showcase all the students' "learning" throughout the school year.  Prior to this event, I ask my students to compile a digital list of their Spanish class digital projects, and then to post them on our class wiki.
This year, instead of the usual compilation of student digital projects on the class wiki, I asked students to create a couple new posts to their Spanish blog, highlighting their favorite digital projects and what they learned or enjoyed in particular.

Students were asked to embed three projects onto their blog and write two sentences as commentary about each project. Then students were asked to visit peer blogs and add commentary on their posts. All learners wrote commentary in the target language, Spanish.

From these posts, using the iPad, I took screen shots of a couple posts from each student, and then added them to a "photo album." With that photo album, I created a slide show and displayed it to music on the evening of Celebration of Learning.

As file size prohibited me from posting one large presentation at times, I split up the 2013 slide show  components by grade level (shown second). Please see below:

Click through the Slideshare artifacts to see snapshots of my students' work! 

Grade 7

Here is an example of the 2012 compilation:

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