Monday, May 27, 2013

Masters Program Inquiry Paper: Spring 2012, University of Florida

Fostering Individual Growth in the Middle School Spanish Classroom:
Improving Linguistic Fluidity and Pronunciation
Frances M. Siracusa
University of Florida

Context of Study
            I am a PreK-8 Spanish teacher at a private Montessori school in Largo, Florida who has taught Spanish at the elementary and secondary level for the last 16 years.  For the last year and a half, my emphasis has been on middle school.  I am fortunate to have worked at schools where I can teach Spanish and simultaneously extend a special focus on integrating 21st century tools to enhance teaching and learning.  I see myself as an innovative, forward-thinking teacher.  I know what motivates my students and I empower them by giving them the opportunity to be producers of content.  I lack somewhat in connecting with my students emotionally; I have felt the need to spend more time with my students individually and to better understand their distinct backgrounds and interests.  I have a desire to teach my students Spanish, but at times, I have felt the need to take more of a facilitative role, so that students could be more responsible for their own learning and develop important personal communicative skills.  Ancillary to this goal, I would like to see them acquire important skills such as adaptability and responsibility.  Furthermore, it is my strong belief that an educator’s ability to design and manage multimedia tasks in the classroom in conjunction with sparking a student’s passion is one of the greatest factors of student success. 


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