Monday, May 27, 2013

Festival de Cine 2013

One of my (and my students') favorite digital projects this year was the Commercial project. I invented a digital project assignment where students were asked to create a short commercial in order to persuade the audience to purchase a particular product. Their product could be real or fake, original or borrowed. Their goal was to properly use the Formal or Informal Command sentence structure in Spanish (depending on the class level.) Students utilized their iPads, and specifically worked with the iMovie and GarageBand apps.

After all students completed their projects, I reviewed them, and then categorized them according to students' "talents." Students were then asked to vote on all videos (which caused them to watch each others' videos for the critique) on a survey I developed using Survey Monkey. Mimicking the famous film festival of San Sebastian, Spain, students recreated an awards ceremony. Students and teachers wore formal gowns, watched the MCeed show, received prizes (Golden Shell, Silver Shell...), and attended a post-awards-ceremony party (even drinking sparkling juice and eating fancy finger foods!)

Here was the line-up of videos:

Here are a couple examples of completed projects:


Here is a copy of the Project Instructions that was given to the students:

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