Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Student Course Evaluations

     Mrs. Siracusa was amazing! She balanced speaking Spanish and English perfectly. Mrs. Siracusa made me want to raise my hand and answer a question. She did an excellent job of combining work and fun.
-Schafer, 6th grade

     Mrs. Siracusa's lesson for my Spanish class was very helpful. In only one class period she was able to teach my class a total of 45 Spanish words. She was able to create a vocabulary list and creative games to help us memorize the words quickly. Everyone in my class, including myself, enjoyed Mrs. Siracusa's lesson.
-Anna, 8th grade

-Sophia P., 8th grade

     Regarding Spanish class, I liked that I was able to experience new lifestyles and cultures in Spanish. In tech, I liked the fact that I was able to practice what I am most likely going to be doing in the future. I also liked the fact that I was able to do something that I am good at.
-Wyatt W., 8th grade

     Throughout the school year, technology has dramatically changed how we approach learning in Spanish class. Project-based learning and the use of iPads have helped my class learn Spanish in a more intriguing way. My favorite project this year was the "Cuando Era Niña" or “When I was a child” project. I learned about past tense in Spanish, and got to view baby photos of myself, and my friends. Now, I am more comfortable speaking about my past in Spanish, and I look forward to Spanish class next year. I can't wait to find out what type of projects we will participate in.
-Emma S., 7th grade

     Technology has helped our class in many ways such as: saving paper, making videos, and creating fun/cool projects.  We have Apple TVs and iPads that help us learn Spanish from learning videos or sharing our worksheets with everyone. Over all between the project-based learning and the use of iPads, technology has benefited us in more than one way in Spanish class.
-Lindsey H., 7th grade

     The way technology has made learning Spanish easier is now we can make videos by using the iPads. With the iPads we can create websites and do our worksheets on the iPads. This makes the work easier because it helps us be able to write and erase our work easier. With the technology, we are now doing things we would never be able to do. We use the technology to our advantage.
-Megan O., 7th grade

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